The Journey of Love without Religion

PK Langley's Short Story Page ebooks for $1.37 each


Not My Daughter!: A story too good to tell.

Read the true story of what happened when I opened my mouth and called the wrong girl a "Fleabag". 

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Diedre: What I learned when my son chose a girl.

It was my first time seeing my son, my child, my all as a man. Find out how badly I blew it as a mother and laugh with my mistakes.

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Farm Lessons: Life and Death lessons are every day on a farm.

Every child has to go through a rite of passage on a farm. Mine wasn't pretty but I did it.

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The Needs Of The One: An encounter with a schizophrenic man that touched my soul.

Working in mental health, I have come across some amazing people who despite every odd against them, still survive.

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For Nicholas: An encounter with the parents of Nicholas that changed our perceptions.

We were just going out to buy a couple of chairs and this encounter unfolded in such a lovely way.

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Kim The Cowboy: A man named Kim and his prejudice.

When I met him, I got the chance to know him. When I got to know him, I couldn't give him the chance to know me.

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